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A life-skills academy dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for teenagers and young adults, regardless of their background. Pride Factor Academy students are inspired and guided on how to challenge their assumptions, broaden their aspirations, identify their passions and create successful careers and fulfilling lifestyles.


Pride Factor

Life Skills Training

A wide range of custom life-skills training programmes designed by experts, presented by role-models and heavily reliant on input from the youth. They are disruptive, exciting, and educational bite-sized chunks of life-improving content that are designed to challenge young people’s assumptions, broaden their aspirations, guide them to identify their passions and create successful careers and fulfilling lifestyles.


Live Digital Group Mentoring Workshops hosting twice-weekly covering all relevant and current Topics and Life-Skills required for young people to thrive in the modern world.

Digital Workshops

Live, facilitator-led, digital courses focusing on the most important skills required by today’s youth, and tomorrow’s future leaders. Interactive, mind-incubator classes hosted by subject matter experts. 

Video Courses

Video-led, real-time assessed and focusing on topics requested by the youth, delivered in an ‘edu-taining’  style that uplifts, educates and provides the youth with opportunities and worldly experience.
You will learn…

Preparation for the New Normal, Entrepreneurship, Work Readiness, 4IR, Financial Literacy, Current Affairs, Life-Hacks, Communication Skills, Influencing, E-Commerce, Personal Branding, Confidence, Public Speaking, EQ, Being Remarkable, Success habits, Self-Discovery and more.

Improve your skills and knowledge with our carefully curated Video Courses OR step-it-up-a-level by joining one of the upcoming Digital Workshops OR continuously improve all aspects of your life by becoming a Pride Factor Member.

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July 3, 2020

Pride Factor Academy Becomes a Rewards Partner for Global Citizen

Pride Factor Academy Becomes a Rewards Partner for Global Citizen   The Pride Factor Academy is pleased to announce that it has become a rewards partner for the Global Citizen…
June 17, 2020

Life-Skills Academy Celebrates Youth Day by Cutting Costs of Premium Online Courses

Life-Skills Academy Celebrates Youth Day by Cutting Costs of Premium Online Courses   This year’s Youth Day commemorated the 44th anniversary of the June 16 Soweto Uprising where thousands of…
June 12, 2020

Hundreds of Students Complete Online Life-Skills Courses

Hundreds of Students Complete Online Life-Skills Courses Offered by Pride Factor Academy During Youth Month   Hundreds of South African students have signed up for and completed the online life-skills…

As a teenager who had no sense of direction, Pride Factor has helped me find myself; to find my purpose, and has kept me out of trouble. They have taught me lessons in life that I couldn't possibly have learnt at school

Sthembiso Mciro

I am a young woman living with a disability called cerebral palsy. Pride Factor has truly transformed my life, and helped me view things differently within my own community and country.


I know that, with the guidance of Pride Factor, I will make a difference in people's lives. And now I’m 100% dedicated to do just that!

Vuyo Joboda

Ever since I enrolled into the Pride Factor programme, my life has been filled with positivity. Through their lessons I've learned ways to gain confidence, courage and the ability to think about what I need to do next, in order to realise my hopes for the future.


Pride Factor has inspired me to want more from life and their life skills programme has encouraged me to work harder for what I want. It has been such a major pleasure so far and I’ve had the BEST experience, and I know it will benefit me throughout my life!

Jabulani Masinga

My honest feedback about the one I did is that it was a very educational, creative and extraordinary online course which I found myself glued up into when I was doing it.


I like how the Pride Factor courses are structured and how Dene and Ms Candice Modiselle made it entertaining by acting it all out first and integrating it with questions in between.

Miss Makhanya

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